2016 Karthika Masa Special Yagyas



VYC is performing Special Poojas & Yagyas during on this auspicious season. These Yagyas are especially very beneficial for all including householders, individuals, businesses, investors, corporations, organizations, etc. All the sponsors will be benefitted with financial improvement, Success, Prosperity and also be blessed all with Happiness. All are welcome to participate in offering special dedicated prayers to Lord Shiva. Specialty of the Sacred Karthika Masa is that event a very small flower offered in prayer to Lord Shiva with immense faith and devotion gives multitude of benefits beyond ones imagination to the participant. Offering Prayers to the Lord in this sacred time is most important even if the prayer be a very small and simple one. So, now imagine if one does all of the above mentioned extremely auspicious special Archanas, Abhishekam & Homas in an elaborate and all the great Vydic way of offerings made in your name in the most authentic Vedic way by the expert Pundits in a pure sanctified environment daily for a whole month could give the participant. For immense benefit of Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Success & Gaining Power, take this advantage and participate for VYC 2016 Karthika Masa Special events. Please contact us for sponsorship or any other information.

Important note: All the Sponsors, their family and/or friends names along with their special requests will be recited in daily sankalpa and they will be chanted for all the events & will be also sent regular e-mail updates with pictures. Related Yagyas Prasadams will be mailed only upon after the completion of the whole event.
When Where
From 1st to Nov 28th 2016 VYC Center, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India

Sponsorship Information:

Sponsorship for a full month event per an individual $301.00
Sponsorship for a full month event per Family (Maximum 4 Members) $501.00
For any single day (any Karthika Monday of your choice)
please choose any one Monday from November 7th, 14th or 21st 2016 in the Sponsorship Form.
$116.00 per person
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