Akshaya Trithiya

Akshaya Trithiya – Day of Lasting Achievements
Sunday, May 16th, 2010

akshayaAkshaya Tritiya is one of the most important days in the Vedic Calendar. On this day, Surya, the sun, and Chandra, the moon, are both exalted. They are the most prominent of all the nine Grahas and only at this time of the year are they both simultaneously in the state of exaltation, which means the state of greatest brilliance.

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According to the Vedic texts, this was the day when the ancient Rishis (sages) performed the first Yagya in the history of mankind.This event also marked the beginning of a time, when people lived happily in tune with Natural Law. The special quality of this day is expressed in the word ‘Akshaya’ which means ‘undecaying’ or ‘everlasting’. Yagyas performed on this day take advantage of this quality of time.

By nourishing any specific Law of Nature through Yagya performances, one gains increased support of Nature to help achieve the following desires in a more lasting way:

  • To increase wealth
  • Removal of resistances and troubles for happiness and health in life and promotion of positive support
  • For gaining knowledge
  • To increase harmony in married life
  • Promoting good fortune; elimination of obstacles and promotion of supportive influence on the basis of the Kundali
  • For promoting peace of mind
  • To promote spiritual progress
  • Support in court case
  • For laying a foundation stone; positive influence for a new home; moving into a new home; ground breaking ceremony

Akshaya Tritiya, falling on the third day of the bright half of the lunar month of Vaisakha of the traditional Vedic calendar, is one of the four most auspicious days of the year.

The Sun and Moon are astrologically at their most exalted equal brightness on this day.

The word Akshaya, a Sanskrit word, literally means one that never diminishes, and the day is believed to bring good luck and success. It is widely celebrated in all parts of India by different sections of the society irrespective of their religious faith and social grouping.

The day in Indian Culture is particularly considered auspicious for buying long term assets like gold and silver, including ornaments made of the same; diamond and other precious stones; and the real estate.

The legend states that any venture initiated on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya shall continue to grow and bring prosperity. Hence, it is normal to see many of the new ventures, like starting a business, ground breaking for construction etc on the Akshaya Tritiya Day.

The day is also traditionally celebrated as the birth day of the Hindu sage Parashurama, the sixth avatar (incarnation) of the God Vishnu.

According to Vedic mythology, on this day the Treta Yuga began; and the Ganges River, the most holy and sacred river of India, descended to the earth from the heaven.

The word, “Akshaya” means one that never diminishes. Hence, starting a new activity or buying valuables on this day is considered to certainly bring luck and success. The religious merit that is acquired by giving gifts on this day becomes inexhaustible. Many buy new gold jewelry on this day. Most Jewel stores stock in new jewelry models for this occasion. “Lakshmi-inscribed” gold coins, diamond jewelery and golden dollars with the pictures of many gods and goddesses.

The day is generally observed by fasting and worship Lord Vasudeva with rice grains. The day gains more importance when it falls on a Monday or under Rohini Star. A dip in the Ganges on this day is considered to be very auspicious.

Akshaya Tritiya is also called Navanna Parvam. This day also happens to be Parusurama Jayanti. Akshaya Tritiya falling on a Rohini star day is considered more auspicious. Needless to say, this rare occasion comes this year.

Most of us are already aware of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Out of these, Artha plays an important role. Artha here means wealth and material prosperity. Even decades passes by, the importance of Artha remains the same. Without Artha, nothing can be achieved. Here Artha merely does not only mean money but also includes honor, happiness, etc.

The pujas we have to perform on Akshaya Tritiya are as under:

Kubera Lakshmi Puja

Lord Kubera is the Lord of all the treasures on earth and even rules over the riches buried and unclaimed inside the earth. Lord Kubera is worshipped and propitiated for quick financial gains, unexpected gain of money through lotteries etc and a prosperous business. Lord Kubera is the basis of gain of unlimited wealth and prosperity. According to ancient vedic books of Ramayan, Kubera made the Gold Lanka, which was taken by his brother Ravan.Puja/Homa of Lord Kubera gives immense wealth and prosperity.

Lord Kubera, considered to be the richest, is one amongst the Astadikpalakas. Lakshmi Tantram says that this Lord will himself pray to Goddess Lakshmi on this day.

This puja has to be performed on this day only. The puja should commence in the morning and ends in the evening. From the next day onwards, one has to perform the puja regularly for 108 times by reciting the moola mantra.

A photo of Goddess Lakshmi Devi along with Sudarsana Kubera Yantra could be used for the puja. Light with pure ghee should be used. Also light dhoop sticks with Kumkum and turmeric can be used. The moola mantra for the pujas is as follows:

Kubera Twam Danadeesam Gruha Te Kamala Sithta Tam Devem Prehayasu Twam Madgruhe te Namo Namah.

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