Customized Yagyas

Through the reading of your Vedic astrology (Jyotish) chart, our expertly trained pandits can determine the karmic influences that are occurring in your life at the present and the ones that will manifest in the future. Then, they can prescribe the Customized Yagyas, which should be performed to help neutralize the unfavorable influences and enhance the favorable influences.
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Standard Yagyas

Also, the Vedic Yagya Center offers Standard Yagyas for many different areas of life.
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Daily Yagya Programs

In addition, the Center has Daily Yagya Programs for individuals, families and businesses. These daily yagyas can be done individually or in a group.
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In addition to our Customized Yagyas, Standard Yagyas and Daily Yagya Programs, we also provide other services in the following areas:

A. Vighraha Pratishtha (installation ceremony)We have a team of Vedic pandits, who are expert in all four Vedas, that can come to your city and perform any kind of temple inauguration and idol installation ceremony through the proper Vedic methods. Click Here for more information.

B. Religious and Spiritual Consultations — We provide religious and spiritual counseling for individuals and for businesses through the reading of the Vedic astrological chart and through divine and spiritual help. Click Here for more information.

C. Priest training and Employment — We provide proper training to Brahman boys to become Vedic priests. We also provide priests for all kinds of temples all over the world. We can train and provide priests who are experts in any one of the four Vedas. Click Here for more information.

D. Vedic studies — We teach Vedic chanting, stotras (Sanskrit hymns) and small pujas, which can be done easily at home or at work. We also teach Vedic philosophy and Vedic knowledge through teleconferences. In addition, we offer Vedic summer camps in the Himalayas in India. Click Here for more information.

E. Vedic Astrology — We provide Vedic astrology services to help people plan their lives and to recommend remedial measures. Click Here for more information.

F. Vastu — We provide Vastu consultation, Vastu design and Vastu rectification recommendations through our Vedic experts. Click Here for more information.

G. Spiritual Tours and Journeys – We organize spiritual tours and journeys all over India. Click Here for more information.

H. REQUEST A PRIEST — We can provide our expert Vedic pandits for all kinds of pujas and homas done at your home or place of business. Click Here for more information.

If you have questions regarding any of the above services or any other type of Vedic Pandit service, please call us at 1-888-835-7788 or Email Us

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