Special Maha Kali Yagya


When Where
Wednesday, May 10th 2017 VYC Center, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India

Dear Devotee,

Pundit C S Samvedula invites you all to join our Special Maha Kali Yagya on the upcoming Pournami day on May 10th, Wednesday 2017. Sri Maha Kali (who is also known as Kalika Devi) is very powerful one and everyone is capable of performing these Homas or Yagyas unless they have received a special Upsana or Mantropadesam from a designated Guru. Sri Maha Kali or Kalika Devi – The ultimate form of Brahman, “Devourer of Time”. ‘Kal’ means Darkness and Kali takes away all Darkness. That is why She is dark in color. ‘Kaal’ means time and Goddess Kali is above all time limitations and rules. Therefore by worshiping Kali Maa, we will be able to give up our darkness and illuminate our self and become one with Her who is Beyond Time. Sri Kali Homa Sponsor will be blessed with annihilation of all illnesses and difficulties. They will also be blessed with divine protection, self –realization, victory over their enemies. They will also be blessed with long life and will gain respect & honor universally.

Sponsorship: $251.00/an individual or family.


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