Standard Yagyas

All of our Standard Yagyas are performed from a distance in India and/or the U.S.A. Depending upon your particular situation, some of the single day yagyas below may need to be performed for more than one day, in which case, the price will be different than what is listed. All of these yagyas are performed by expert Vedic pandits.

Clients who order a yagya will be given CDs or electronic audio recordings with mantras to listen to during the time the yagya is being performed. These can help to enhance and facilitate the effects of the yagya.

Below are some of the Standard Yagyas that we offer. The prices quoted include the cost of all the ingredients and items needed to perform the yagya, except where noted.

In addition to the yagyas listed below, other yagyas are also available. For areas or yagyas not listed here, please call or email us for information and pricing.

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