Upaveda” in Sanskrit means “applied knowledge.” Most commonly, the Upavedas are considered to be:

Ayurveda – Health

Dharnur Veda – War

Gandharva Veda – Music

Artha Shastra –Government

Ayurveda – The Science of Health and Longevity

Ayurveda is system of health that keeps the body, mind and spirit healthy by staying in harmony with the laws of nature. The world’s oldest form of healthcare, the fundamental principles of Ayurveda are in the Vedas. Ayurveda is primarily focused on preventing illness by balancing the three doshas or aspects of the body: vata (movement), pitta (heat) and kapha (steadiness).

Dharnur Veda – The Science of Archery and War

Dhanur means “bow” in Sanskrit; Dhanur Veda is the knowledge of archery and the military. The ancient Indian fighting arts are diverse and varied. They can be separated into North and South systems. North India systems include gatka, kabadi, and thang-ta. South India systems include Kuttu Varisai, Varma Kalai, adithada and kalaripayat. Wrestling is called malyutham in the south and mallayuddha in the north.

The warrior/ruling class of the Vedic tradition (kshatriya) practiced unarmed and armed fighting, meditation and mental conditioning.

Gandharva Veda – The Science of Music

The ancient Vedic tradition of music is Gandharva Veda. This music uses sound, melody and rhythm in alignment with the laws of nature. Utilizing the natural rhythms that govern different times throughout the day and night, Gandharva Veda is designed to restore balance in the body, mind, conduct and environment.

Artha Shastra – The Science of Government by Kings

The Artha Shastra is an ancient Indian work on government, economics and military strategy. This text details the disciplines and qualities that a Rajarshi – a virtuous, wise king – would need to govern successfully. Artha Shastra recommends an autocratic government that administers a thriving, well-organized economy. The book covers economic ethics. Additionally, this work outlines a complete bureaucratic and legal structure for the administration of the kingdom. It describes health care, agriculture, wildlife, mineralogy, metals and mining, and many other aspects of governing.

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