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Homes and buildings should be designed and constructed according to the most ancient system of architecture in the world, Sthapatya Veda. By calculating proper entrances, auspicious slopes, and exposure to sunshine, this system harnesses the subtle and powerful laws of nature that promote health, success, and happiness. Sthapatya Veda architecture also emphasizes the use of all-natural, non-toxic, construction materials.

According to Sthapatya-Veda design, a building is a means to enliven the connection between individual and cosmic life. For example, guidelines in this system describe how to orient rooms so that residents’ activities are automatically in accord with nature’s eternal cycles. Accordingly, all rooms and buildings are specially positioned to take maximum advantage of the nourishing influence of the sun as it moves across the sky. This can help the residents to enjoy better health, increased energy, more restful and refreshing sleep, greater mental clarity, and greater peace of mind.

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