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December 2009 Vedic Yagya Calendar
Note: Any of the following yagyas may be sponsored for $108 unless otherwise noted. Sponsorship of every festival this month is just $501 for an individual, family, or business and includes yagyas each day. Exception in August 2009: Only one day of the Ganesh Chaturthi yagya is included, but you can sponsor the full nine-day yagya for an additional $301 ($802 total).

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December 1 (Tuesday) – Purnima – Full Moon– Satyanarayana Puja: for fulfillment of desires and achievement of goals.Sponsor this event.

December 4 (Friday) – Sankata Hara Chaturthi
This is an auspicious day to perform pujas and yagyas to Lord Ganesha. Ganapati Homam and Navagraha Homam: for neutralizing all obstacles and propitiating all nine planets.Sponsor this event.

December 11 (Friday) – Ekadashi – Sudarshana Homam: for legal issues and self-protection. Sponsor this event.

December 13 (Sunday) – Pradosham – Ekadsha Rudrabhisheakam: for health and prosperity.Sponsor this event.

December 15 (Tuesday) – Amavasya / Hanuman Jayanti / Dhanur Masa Puja Begins – Lakshmi Puja for a whole month, from December 15, 2009 through January 14, 2010. Designed to promote business improvement and success, and to culture enlightenment. Special pricing may apply.Sponsor this event.

December 30 (Wednesday) – Purnima – Chandi Homam and Mahalakshmi Homam: to improve sales, business, success, and prosperity. To provide protection.Sponsor this event.

Results may vary. There are no guarantees as the effectiveness of our services. This is not a substitute for health care treatment, programs or advice normally received from doctors, lawyers, or financial advisors. Vedic Yagya Center does not make any warranties or representations concerning any specific results or effects. Payments made to Vydic Yagnya Centre are not tax deductible.

Note: Last month’s newsletter incorrectly said that November 2, the full moon, was a Sunday, when in fact, it was Monday, November 2. Please accept our apologies.

Gochara (Transits) for December 1 – January 1, 2010
The following agricultural analogy can be useful in understanding how Jyotish works: “Properly understood, the bhavas [houses] are twelve fields with soil predisposed to growing specialized crops – categories of human experience. But Grahas [planetary bodies] are the farmers that plough the bhavas; the rashis [signs], the mulch that fertilize them.” (Hart Defouw – from Gochara-Phala Vicara Seminar)

Jyotish means best of lights (Jyoti means light), and is based on the fixed stars. This means that the planets and luminaries, etc. are calculated differently from Western Astrology which is based on the seasons. Thus there is a 24* difference in the calculations of the two astrologies.

Please remember that each person will experience the transits according to his/her chart and Dasa (time) periods. In other words, if there is no connection in your chart by lagna (rising sign), Lagna lord, Dasa, or Dasa lord, with the grahas that are being described, it is not likely you will notice much with regard to that transit. If, however, there is a connection, then there is a greater chance that you will notice something. What you will notice, i.e. the quality is of your experience, will depend on who is affecting whom in your chart, and whether your chart is strong or weak in that area.

It is good to know where the Grahas are transiting through out the month, but it does take an expert to determine how that transit will affect a particular chart. If you know your rising sign, for instance, and where Surya (sun) and or Chandra (moon) are in your chart, then you can read the Gochara below, and see what you notice. It sometimes happens that when the Malefics (Graha’s that are known to bring mischief) are transiting sensitive places in our charts that difficult things can happen in ones life, but it isn’t necessarily so. So, the following analysis should be used with circumspection, and it is best to assume that if we are doing our best to support nature (i.e. not doing things that we know to be wrong), that the Laws of Nature in turn will support us.

Graha Positions and Changes for the Month of December:

Grahas (heavenly bodies) are the actors that describe the actions of each one of us, or how well our actions will manifest.

Surya (Sun) – From Vrishika (Scorpio) to Dhanu (Sagittarius) on 16 December.

Chandra (Moon) – Full and exalted in Vrishabha (Taurus) on December 1 and again in Mithuna (Gemini) on the 31st. There is a blue moon this month!

Mangala (Mars) – Stays in Karka (Cancer) through December, is stationary direct on the 20th, goes retrograde for several months on the 21th.

Budha (Mercury) – Goes into Dhanu (Sagittarius) on Dec 1 and goes retrograde in Dhanu on Dec. 27 for three weeks.

Guru (Jupiter) – Out of Makara (Capricorn), its sign of debilitation on 20 December into Kumbha (Aquarius).

Sukra (Venus) – Out of Vrishika (Scorpio) on 21 December, into Dhanu (Sagitarius).

Sani (Saturn) – Sani is still in Kanya (Virgo).

Rahu and Ketu – Have fully established themselves in Dhanu and Mithuna , by which I mean that they have backed up fully 1 degree into those signs, (i.e. are now at 28:59 degrees out of 30) by December 6th.

Gochara effect for Lagna Rashis:

Mesha (Aries):Things still could be difficult with partners and children, advisors or education until 16th and for partners until December 21. Home, health, especially for the areas of the heart and lungs, are at risk still, and for a good bit yet to come. However the transits are getting better as time progresses this month.

Vrushaba (Taurus):The inclination will be to function from the emotions at the start of the month. This could be dangerous for partnerships, business and travel, which are still very much at risk. Things get better in this area more towards the end of the month, though it still continues to be a sensitive area for a while.

Midhuna (Gemini):For the next while, there are afflictions to this lagna, which means that it will be a good time to stay rested, and make a practice of being very clear with, and paying attention to thoughts and feelings. There could be a lot of attention on partnership, business, or travel towards the end of the month.

Karkataka (Cancer): Anger and unstable energy continues to be a challenge for this native which should improve somewhat by the middle of the month. But hard work may be the tune for this lagna for some time, and it could be in the area of service to others.

Simha (Leo): By the middle of the month all with this lagna should be feeling happier and more hopeful. Still, anger towards ones partner could be an issue, and there could be some feelings of loss around home and spiritual matters. Those areas become stronger by mid month, but being kind and gentle is going to work best for a while more.

Kanya (Virgo): It would be good to guard ones speech especially towards family members and to exercise patience with ones partner for a bit longer. As well, there could be conflicts that flare up out of nowhere in the work place, so be cautious, and pay attention to what is going on around you.

Tula (Libra):There could be difficulties at ones job for a while yet, though towards the middle of the month, things should start to get easier. At least, there should be feelings of greater comfort, and you should not be struggling anymore with low spirits, and feeling as though there isn’t much support. It will be good to be careful with speech, and take enough rest so your energy is not at risk.

Vruschika (Scorpio):With a lot attention on partnership, and desires at the beginning of the month, this could be a time to access the importance of these things so they don’t become overwhelming. Towards the end of the month, self-expression might become very important, and one might have the desire to spend time with family. As well, there could be some financial gains.

Dhanussu (Sagittarius): This is the time to be cautious of where your attachments go, and be careful with partners. It is very likely you will be working very hard, so it might be good to not take the office home with you, especially as energy could be on the wane.

Makara (Capricorn): You should be feeling lighter and less angry and frustrated by the middle of the month, though partnerships could still be an issue. If you pay attention to your spiritual practice and stay rested, things should be more restful, though you may end up on a business trip sometime towards the end of the month.

Kumba (Aquarius): It may feel sometimes that you can’t get out of your own way, or can’t see the forest for the trees. Be patient with yourself, and stay rested, and be very easy in the work place. Impatience will not pay off at this time.

Meena (Pisces): Towards the end of the month, there should be an easing of difficulties, and life should become less of a strain. There could be some roughness in the work place, so be very careful, and pay attention. It is always ok to take a break for 5 minutes to collect yourself, if frustrations become too strong.

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