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July 2009 Vedic Calendar
fireNote: Any of the following yagyas may be sponsored for $54. Sponsorship of every festival this month is just $501 for an individual, family, or business and includes yagyas each day (join the Daily Yagya program – see details in the sidebar on the left). When you email us to sponsor, we will email payment instructions to you. Thank you for supporting the Vedic Yagya Center!

July 3rd (Friday) – First Ekadasi – A Sudarshana Homam will be performed, which is said to increase longevity. Its purpose is to neutralize negative energies and influences.

July 4th (Saturday) – Shani Triodasi – Performing Shani Shanti and Rudrabhishekam on this day is said to control the negative effect of the 7-1/2 years of Shani (Saturn), and thus help bring happiness and harmony.

July 7th (Tuesday) – Guru Purnima – On this day, the Guru should be worshiped. With the Guru’s blessings, all areas of life will be auspicious. Sponsor this event.

July 11th (Saturday) – Sankatahara Chaturthi – Performing Ganapathi Abhishekam to worship Lord Ganesh in the evening of this day is said to remove all obstacles and promote success in all endeavors. Sponsor this event.

July 16th (Thursday) – Dakshinayana Punyakalam continues.

July 18th (Saturday) – Aadi Krittika – Honoring Lord Subrahmanya Swamy with Sabrah Manya Abhishek on this auspicious day places focus on health issues. Sponsor this event.

July 20 (Monday) – Masa Shivaratri – Performing Shiva Abhishekam on this auspicious day destroys all sins. It is said that all desires would be fulfilled. Sponsor this event.

July 22 (Wednesday) – Amavasya (Suryagrahanam) – By performing Graha Santhi on this day after the eclipse, all graha doshas would be removed. Sponsor the event.

July 23 (Thursday) – Sravanamasam continues.

July 28 (Tuesday) – Mangala Gowri Vratham – Performance of Gowri Puja (Mangala Gowri Vratham) on this day would give all Saubhagyas (prosperity for the females in the family: assists with health and positive energy, and assists with their enlightenment). Sponsor the event.

July 31 (Friday) – Vara Lakshmi Vratham: Performance of Varalakshmi devi puja on this auspicious day is said to give all riches. a href=”” target=”_blank”> Sponsor the event.

The Significance of the Holy Guru Purnima Day

By Swami Sivananda

(Note: Guru Purnima falls on Tuesday, July 7th this year (2009). On this day, the Guru should be worshiped. We invite you to sponsor our Guru Purnima yagya on this day for $54. Sponsor this event.)
Sankaram Sankaracharyam Kesavam Badarayanam;
Sutra-Bhashya-Kritau Vande Bhagavantau Punah Punah

“I adore Lord Siva, Lord Vishnu, Bhagavan Vyasa and Sri Sankaracharya. I again and again prostrate to Sri Vyasa who wrote the Vedanta Sutras, and to Sri Sankaracharya who wrote the commentaries thereon (Guru Vandanam).”

The full-moon day in the month of Ashada is the extremely auspicious and holy day of Guru Purnima. On this Ashada Purnima Day, sacred to the memory of the great sage Sri Vyasa Bhagavan or Sri Krishna Dvaipayana, Sannyasins settle at some place to study, do Vedantic Vichara, and discourse on the thrice-blessed Brahma Sutras composed by Maharshi Vyasa.

Sri Veda-Vyasa has done unforgettable service to all humanity for all time by editing the four Vedas, writing the eighteen Puranas, the Mahabharata and the Bhagavata. We can attempt to repay this deep debt of gratitude we owe him only by constant study of his works and practice of his teachings imparted for the regeneration of humanity in the Iron Age or Kali Yuga. In honor of this divine personage, all Sadhakas and devotees perform Vyasa Puja on this day; aspirants worship their Guru. Mahatmas and Sadhus are honored and entertained, and acts of charity done by all Grihastis with deep faith and sincerity. Chaturmasa for Sannyasins begins from this day. Sannyasins stay in one place during the rainy season for four months, study the Brahma Sutras, and practice meditation.

Significance of The Guru Purnima Day

Mark fully the deep significance of this great day. Ashada Purnima heralds the Chaturmasa, or the setting in of the eagerly awaited rains. The water, drawn up and stored as clouds in the hot summer, now manifests in plentiful showers that usher in the advent of fresh life everywhere. In the same way, begin to seriously implement all the theory and philosophy that you have stored up in you through patient study. Commence practical spiritual Sadhana right from this day. Generate fresh waves of spirituality. Let all that you have read, heard, seen and learnt become, through Sadhana, transformed into a continuous outpouring of universal love, ceaseless loving service and continuous prayer and worship of the Lord seated in all beings.

Live on milk and fruits on this day and practice rigorous Japa and Dhyana. Study the Brahma Sutras and do some lakhs of Japa (Anushthana or Purascharana) of your Guru Mantra or Ishta Mantra, during the Chaturmasa. You will be highly benefited.

As the day of Guru-Puja or worship of one’s preceptor, this is a day of pure joy to the sincere aspirant. Thrilled by the expectation of offering his reverent homage to the beloved Guru, aspirants await this occasion with eagerness and devotion. It is the Guru alone that breaks the binding cords of attachment and releases the aspirant from the trammels of earthly existence. The Sruti says: “To that high-souled aspirant, whose devotion to the Lord is great and whose devotion to his Guru is as great as that to the Lord, these secrets explained, become illuminated.” Guru is Brahman or Isvara Himself. He guides and inspires you from the innermost core of your being. He is everywhere.

Behold the Entire Universe As Guru-Svarupa

Have a new angle of vision. Behold the entire universe as Guru-Svarupa. See the guiding hand, the awakening voice, the illumining touch of the Guru in every object in this Creation. The whole world will now stand transformed before your changed vision. The Virat Guru will reveal all the precious secrets of life and bestow wisdom. The Supreme Guru, manifest in visible Nature, will teach you the most valuable lessons of life. Worship daily this Guru of Gurus, the Guru who taught even Avadhuta Dattatreya. The silent all-enduring earth with its lofty forbearance, the shady fruit-bearing tree with its willing self-sacrifice, the mighty Banyan tree (Pipal) reposing with patience in the tiny seed, the dripping drops whose persistence wears away the rocks, the planets and the seasons with their orderly punctuality and regularity are divine Gurus to him who will look, listen and receive.

Purify and Progress

Become a personification of receptivity. Empty yourself of your petty ego-sense. All the treasures locked up in the bosom of Nature will become yours! You will have progress and perfection in an amazingly short time. Become pure and unattached as the mountain breeze. As the river flows continuously, steadily and constantly towards its goal, the ocean, by moving every moment of your life towards the Supreme State of Existence-Knowledge-Bliss, let all your thoughts, all your words, all your actions be directed only toward the Goal.

The moon shines by reflecting the dazzling light of the sun. It is the full moon of Purnima-Day that reflects in full splendor the glorious light of the sun. It glorifies the sun. Purify yourself through the fire of service and Sadhana, and like the full moon, reflect the glorious Light of the Atman. Become the full reflectors of Brahmic splendor, the Light of lights. Make this your goal, to become a living witness to Divinity, the brilliant Sun of suns!

Tat Tvam Asi

Brahman or the Supreme Self alone is real. He is the Soul of all. He is All in all. He is the Essence of this universe. He is the Unity that never admits of a duality under all the varieties and diversities of nature. Thou art this immortal, all-pervading, all-blissful Brahman. Thou art That-Tat Tvam Asi. Realize this and be free.

Remember the four important verses of the Brahma Sutras: (i) Atha-Ato Brahma-Jijnasa-Now, therefore, the enquiry into Brahman. (ii) Janmadyasya Yatah-From which proceed the origin, etc. (iii) Sastra-Yonitvat-The scriptures being the means of right knowledge. (iv) Tat Tu Samanvayat-But that because It is the main support.

Now sing: Jaya Guru Siva Guru Hari Guru Ram,
Jagad-Guru Param Guru Sat-Guru Syam.

Remember and adore Sri Vyasa and the Brahma-Vidya Gurus. May their blessings be upon you all! May you all cut asunder the knot of Avidya and shine as blessed Jivanmuktas, shedding peace, joy and light everywhere!

Download This Prayer to the Guru
On Guru Purnima, July 7, 2009, please read this prayer, offering salutations to your guru.
July 2009 Vedic Astrology Transits (Gochara)

Gemini: At the beginning of the month, Surya (Sun) is with Budha (Mercury) in Gemini. In many charts, Surya and Budha are together, because Budha sticks close to Surya, never getting further that one Rashi (Sign) away. However, if Budha is not combust, (i.e. too close to Surya (within a degree for extremely combust to five degrees away for only slightly combust)) this makes a powerful combination for intelligence. Because Surya represents government, and heads of government, and Budha is in its own Rashi (sign) in Mithuna, and it is a Rashi for intellectual types of thought, and Budha is not combust for long between now and the 15th of July, this could be a powerful time for governments and their heads to make good progress in positive ruling; especially because this combination gets a Drishti (aspect or glance) from a powerful Guru (Jupiter). Budha represents discrimination, and Guru is judgment, and both are strong; therefore, it is very possible that heads of state will be doing good things. Guru’s strength comes from retrogression and thus, the decisions that governments make will be unique or unusual, though they will probably work. Because Budha is moving quickly from now until it moves into the next Rashi (sign), Karka (Cancer), there is greater ability for quick thinking, intelligent moves, and good decisions. Budha does not respond to combustion to the same degree as the other Grahas (planets) because he is Surya’s messenger and has to be able to get close enough for Surya to whisper in his ear.

Cancer: Throughout this month, Ketu (node of the moon) is in this Rashi. As the month starts, Mangala (mars) looks at Ketu. Because Mangala is energy, anger, etc. and Ketu is like Mangala, this could bring intensity to this rashi. This is the Rashi that represents the chest area, including the heart and lungs, so people who have a weakness in this sign may have experienced some acute health situations in June that will probably be getting better by this time. This is a situation that should resolve itself because there will be a large distance by degree between Mangala and Ketu, and Mangala is in the next sign by the third day of July. Additionally, since this is the Rashi of home and comforts, roughness that might have been happening in this area of life in June should be sorting itself out.

When Surya enters Karka between the 15th and 16th of July, Budha will have preceded it by about a day. Surya and Budha as a combination in Karka is less intellectual, because Karka is a water Rashi, and in the Kala purusha (body of time) is placed in the area of the heart. This can usually give a time of more compassion. However, Ketu is also transiting this rashi, and is like Mangala (Mars), and it causes things to be hidden, so whatever compassion is aroused in the areas that Surya governs may be somewhat obscured, and less manifest.

This is where we find Sani (Saturn), the mighty slow walker. Sani is the slowest moving Graha (Planet) that one finds in Vedic Astrology, and as Sani has been in this Rashi since mid July 2007, he is getting ready to move on. Sani can make difficulties where ever he is; his role is a complicated one that often involves us in making transformations in the field of life where ever he is doing his slow walking, and wherever he looks from there. As well, this may have been, perhaps, a less smooth transit for Sani, because the relationship between Surya, the ruler of this Rashi, and Sani is not an easy one. Simha as the 5th rashi falls in the area of the stomach, so many folks who have difficult digestions may have had more difficulties over the past two years. The Drishti (aspect) from Guru (Jupiter) to Sani here in Simha, may make eating anything that is heavy or oily even more difficult. For this month, it may be good to maintain a light diet.

Guru is not the only one aspecting Sani this month. Mangala also, from about the 3rd of July on is looking at Simha where Sani is transiting, making everything for that Rashi more intense. Sani is slow and tends to contract, and Mangala is fast and expansive, so there could be frustrations involving whatever field of life this Rashi falls in, in a particular chart. However, Mangala never gets close enough by degree to really do Sani any harm during this month.

Is unoccupied but receives a Drishti (aspect or glance) by Rahu and Mangala after the second of the month. This is the area of the navel; it also represents the bhava (house) of enemies, or the mistake of the intellect. Both Rahu and Mangala could have some rough influence in the Bhava (house) this Rashi falls, in a particular chart, but it would only have a heavy impact if there were Grahas (planets) in that location to be disturbed. The most difficult time for this Rashi might be the 12th – 14th of July when Budha (Mercury) its lord is too close to Surya (Sun).

Tula also is unoccupied, and receives Drishtis (aspects or glances) from Sani and Guru for the entire month. Though Sani tends to bring grief wherever it looks or goes, Guru’s Drishti will go a long way to mitigating that because Guru is happiness, knowledge, and fortune. For anyone with Tula (Libra) as their Lagna (rising sign), for the last several months, Guru has been probably been alleviating, at least to some degree, the pall that Sani’s Drishti may have been casting for the last two years. For many reasons, Sani’s aspect here would only have been hard if there were difficult things about this Rashi in someone’s chart already. The Guru Drishti, for the last several months, (which ends at the end of this month) has probably just brought more happiness and fortune to whatever fields of endeavor this Rashi represents in a particular person’s chart.

From the beginning of July, Sukra (Venus) gives a Drishti (aspects) to this Rashi from Vrishabha (Taurus), across the chart. Sukra is joined by Mangala (Mars) on the 3rd, and at that time Chandra (moon) will be transiting Vrischika its sign of debilitation. As Chandra is waxing, and is almost full, this might be a time when people feel intensely about things that they might not have let themselves be bothered by normally. Though Mangala is looking at its own Rashi here, thereby remedying Chandra’s debilitation, the almost-full moon combined with debilitation and the two Drishti’s from Sukra and Mangala, could allow folks to express feelings that they had been pushing aside or ignoring otherwise. It could be a time that people let out their frustrations and angers in ways that might seem a little over-the-top. Marital relations may have been rougher than usual for the last few months because Sukra and Mangala have been closely following each other through the different Rashis. Sukra represents spouse, and Mangala anger, and Chandra is emotions.

Dhanu is aspected by Surya and Budha until the 16th, a. Then, Dhanu is aspected by Mangala until the end of the month. The Surya/ Budha aspect can bring attention to more intellectual things. Additionally, a person with Dhanu rising might find that their ego gets involved in things that are separate from themselves, like partnerships, business, travel, etc. Possibly that person will feel more busy and interested in others, try to connect themselves with others, or want to be seen by others. With Mangala’s presence, the desire for activity becomes much more intense, and could also awaken some anger and frustration for this rising sign.

There is a very positive relationship between the ruler of Dhanu (Guru) and Surya and Mangala, because these three Grahas are lords of trinal Bhavas from each other. This tends to mean that they can bring fortune to one another. So, this could be a time for Danu Lagna charts to fulfill their desires, or for there to be some fulfillment for other areas of life where this combination falls in different charts.

This Rashi is tenanted by Rahu for the whole month, with no other associations of any kind until Sy and Bu, by moving into Karka (Cancer) on the 16th, give Drishti (an aspect) to Makara Rashi and Rahu. Rahu represents our attachments, and when we are attached to things, it becomes hard to see clearly what is happening. This is also why Rahu is considered rough behavior, confusion, and chaos. Makara is the Lagna of US President Obama, so while Rahu is transiting here, one might expect that he would be assaulted by not only what he wanted to accomplish, but also by everything that everyone else expects him to do, whether he is capable of doing it or not.

The transit of Surya and Budha starting on July 16 could bring some help to this situation, because, of course, Surya brings light, and Budha brings intelligence and fortune by lordship. The fact that Rahu and Ketu are what cause the eclipses does not help the situation, but Surya is certainly more powerful than a couple of mathematical points in space.

Rahu in the 10th Rashi, the rashi that falls in the part of the Kala purusha (body of time) that represents the knees means that for some of us, this is a very vulnerable time for that area of the body, especially after Surya enters Karka, and begins to get close to Rahu, around the 20th – 24th of July. This is because Surya has a less auspicious lordship as seen from the Rashi Makara

This is the Rashi where we find Guru until the end of the month. Guru is moving in retrograde motion which means that it is transiting backwards through the sign, and back into its sign of debilitation (Makara). It receives a Drishti (aspect) from its lord Sani (Saturn) which is transiting 7 Rashis away, through Simha.

The good thing about this aspect of Sani to Guru is that Kumbha is Sani’s Rashi. This means that Sani, looking at its own castle in the sky, only wants what is best for that place. What is not so good is that Sani is grief, and Guru is happiness, and so it could be that there is a bit of a cloud over happiness, generally, at this time. However, Guru is powerful because it is retrograde, so happiness should win out here, though in a sort of unusual way, as retrograde motion makes the quality of the Grahas

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