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The Vedic Yagya Center (formerly the Vydic Yagnya Center) was founded in 2002 by Pandit Sharma C.S. Samavedula.

The Vedic Yagya Center provides the most authentic and effective traditional Vedic yagyas to assist individuals in achieving their desires, and businesses in achieving their goals.

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Special Yagya for Vasanta Navaratris (the Nine Nights of Spring) March 16th-24th, 2010
Sri Vasanta Lakshmi Havana Purvaka Nava Chandi Yagya at Vijayawada in India (The home of Mother Divine)

Vasanta Navaratris (the nine nights of spring) fall in the Vedic month of Chaitra (around Spring). The Divine Mother or the Supreme Shakti (Power) in one of her immanent forms manifests through the Nature, as flowers blossom and trees turn green in spring. As the Mother Earth, She provides vegetation and nourishment to everyone. The reverence for the earth spares us catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods and tsunamis.

The Divine Mother’s transcendent power showers prosperity and joy to Her devotees who pray, perform pujas offer prayers (the rituals of abhishekam or the bathing ceremony and homa of the fire ceremony). During Vasanta Navaratris, known as Mahalakshmi (The great Goddess of wealth), She is offered lotus flowers:

Padmapriye Padmini Padmahaste Padmalaye . .” (the one who resides in and loves lotus flowers). According to the scripture Mantra Maharnava, the Lakshmi homas (the fire ceremony with lotus flowers) offered with love, faith and devotion to the Divine Mother during the holy Vasant Navaratris is even more propitious. The Great Goddess showers prosperity to all her devotees (success in business, Progress in all parts of life, better financial opportunities etc.).

Benefits of praying to the God during this auspicious time:

For every event to attain success, it is essential that the event must begin at right time for it develop and grow successfully. Nature reflects this example with the onset of spring, resulting in the growth and re-growth of all grass, plants, trees, flowers, etc. Similarly for all our mental (Manasika), spiritual (Adhyatmika), material (Lokaika) prosperity and success, it is important that we initiate things or events during the sacred time of Navarathri. This is just like how seedlings grow quickly and well during the spring, with right amount of sunlight, soil and water. Our prayers during this auspicious time of Vasanth Navarathri should result in yielding mental peace and good health, financial growth and prosperity, victory over obstacles and success in all events, and such many other benefits.

In this day and age of natural calamities and financial uncertainties, our organization, Vydic Yagnya Center, will be performing special poojas (the rituals of Abhishekam – the holy bathing ceremonies to the Deities) and Homas (the fire ceremonies with the offerings of lotus flowers) during the Vasant Navaratris – the Nine Sacred Nights of Spring. The schedule of various events by Vydic Yagnya Center is as follows:

Pooja and Yagnya Schedule:

03/16/2010 (Tuesday) from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM – Swastivachanam Ganapathi Homam with 1008 modakas (Specially cooked, steamed rice flour balls) to remove obstacles and fulfill all your desires. This will be performed at the beginning of the Sri Vasantha Lakshmi Havana Purvaka Nava Chandi Yagya.
Daily on all the eight days (03/16/2010, Tuesday to 03/23/2010 Wednesday) from 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Morning Pooja, Abhishekam (Holy bathing ceremony to the Goddesses of Wealth and Prosperity, Goddess Lakshmi). Followed by Chandi Homa and Maha Lakshmi Homa (auspicious fire ceremony) with 1008 red lotus flowers & honey. This program will conclude with the Pooja and Maha Mangalarathi.

Special Lakshmi Poojas for each form of Mother Lakshmi (Eight forms, Ashta Lakshmi)

First Form: 03/16/2010 (Tuesday) – Bathing ceremony to the goddess Adilakshmi (for liberation and attaining salvation) with Holy Turmeric powder.

Second Form: 03/17/2010 (Wednesday) – Bathing ceremony to the goddess Dhanyalakshmi (for food) with pure honey.

Third Form: 03/18/2010 (Thursday) – Bathing ceremony to the goddess Dhairyalakshmi (for courage) with Bilwa leaves powder.

Fourth Form: 03/19/2010 (Friday) – Bathing ceremony to the goddess Gajalakshmi (for achieving goals) with herbal (tunga mustha) water.

Fifth Form: 03/20/2010 (Saturday) – Bathing ceremony to the goddess Santhanalakshmi (for progeny and fertility) with milk, honey, rosewater, ghee, sugar and yogurt.

Sixth Form: 03/21/2010 (Sunday) – Bathing ceremony to the goddess Vijayalakshmi (for victory or success in all areas of life) with rose flowers and water.

Seventh Form: 03/22/2010 (Monday) – Bathing ceremony to the goddess Vidhyalakshmi (for improvement in studies, educational matters) with coconut water.

Eigth Form: 03/23/2010 (Tuesday) Bathing ceremony to the goddess Dhanalakshmi (for wealth and prosperity) with 54 varieties of holy, herbal ingredient.

Sri Rama Navami (Ninth Day) 03/24/2010 (Wednesday) – Bathing ceremony to the goddess Maha Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswati (for family harmony, peace and prosperity) with the root herbal powder (herb kuruvarru) holy water.

Sri Rama Navami is also special because its the Birthday of Lord Sri Rama and the day of His Holy Matrimony too. Therefore, the marriage ceremony of the Goddess Sita and Lord Rama for Vishwa Shanti (world peace and harmony) will be celebrated grandly.

Maha purnahuti (final offerings) and avabrutha (holy water from all kalashas) Sprinkled on all devotees / sponsors of these yagnyas, and all directions of this universe for world peace and prosperity)

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