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Dear Devoteepandit

Punditji wishes all the readers a very happy & prosperous new year 2013 with blessings of the divine

Vedic Yagya Center will be performing Special Yagnyas this February for Sri Vasantha Panchami, Ratha Sapathami & Bheeshma Ekadashi on February 15th, 17th & 21st respectively. The schedule of various special Yagyas for this month are below in the Yagya calendar below.

Sponsorship Details for above Events: Individual Sponsorship is for $108.00 & Family (not exceeding more than 4 members) sponsorship is for $151.00 Sponsorship for this whole Kalyanotsavam event.

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TIP of the Month – February 2013

Subject: ARUNAM for Good Health & Wealth


Reciting, Listening or learning “Arunam” (A special Spiritual text on Lord Surya Bhagwan) Daily after Sun rise and before Sunset after taking shower will yield good health and also bestow much wealth to the person. The longer one practices this procedure, the more powerful will be the results. But the recitation timings must be strictly restricted to early morning hours and in the evening before the Sunset.

Significance of Bheeshma Ekadasi & Sri Vishnu Sahasranama

Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama was revealed to the World by Bheeshma Pitamaha (Great son of King Shanthanu & Ganga Devi, Dearest Deciple of Parashurama, Brihaspati and many great sages) in the month of Magha masa, according to lunar calendar, on the 11th day of waxing moon, that is sukla paksha Ekadasi which comes exactly after 2 months of Githopadesa by Lord Sri Krishna. That is the reason, it is known as Bheeshma Ekadasi, in honor of Bheeshma, who is also an ardent devotee of Lord Sri Krishna.

Lord Krishna has revealed Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna and the world renowned Bhagawat Geeta also came into this world on Ekadasi day. That is why Ekadasi is considered to be very sacred day on which devotees do fasting or take only minimum satvik food and spend most of their time in chanting Lord’s name.

bheeshmaBheeshmacharya is revealing Sri Vishnu Sahastranama

Bheeshma Ekadasi is very auspicious day as it is the when the world received the greatest of all stotras – Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama Stotram. The good affect of all the planetary positions of this day is so powerful and has its impact on the world in general in such a way that the most Sattvik nature in mankind blossoms easily thus easily leads one in the way for enlightenment. This powerful stotram was revealed to the Pandavas (& the world) by their great grandsire Sri Bheeshmacharya, when he was on the bed of arrows nearing his death, after the conclusion of the Mahabharatha war – The Great war between, Pandavas & Kauravas. This is in reality a War between good and bad, war between Dhritharaastra incarnation of pessimism and negativity and Lord Sri Krishna who is complete truth, Dharma (righteousness), light and positive energy.

Lord Sri Krishna knew that the most eligible person to talk about the ultimate truth would be Bheeshma was ready to leave his mortal body. So, Lord Sri Krishna took Pandavas to Bheeshma and requested pithamaha (grandsire) to teach the Pandavas about the Ultimate Truth and Dharma. Lord Sri Krishna also had promised pithamaha that He would restore his memory that was buried deep due to the pains in his body and give him the strength to talk about that absolute truth.

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Chant of the Month – Sri Vishnusahasranaamam
vishnu1 (1)Pundit ji suggests that devotees recite either in the morning or evening after taking shower facing east direction and sitting in meditation. Interested people may recite it at least once in a day. This has to be recited either in the morning or evening after taking shower facing east direction and sitting in meditation.

Sri vishnu saharanama Stotram

There is also another version of Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra found in the Padma Purana, one of the major eighteen Puranas. However, the Vishnu Sahasranamam found in the Mahabharatha is the most popular version. If one hears, reads or recites Sri Vishnu Sahastranama daily, that person will be protected from all dangers, calamities and misfortunes every day. They will also be blessed with Prosperity, Happiness, Wealth, Success and Peace of Life. Hearing, reciting or listening to this also renders the person with immense devotion towards Lord Vishnu, which will eventually help them in leading towards “Moksha”.

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February 2013 Yagya Calendar
Important Note: Please provide your mailing address if you choose to sponsor one or more of these below events for us to be able to say the correct sankalpa and also to be able to send your Prasadams to you promptly.


suryanarayanaSri Surya Bhagawan

Sponsorship information:
Sponsorship information: Sponsorship for the below given Homas/Yagyas or events: For sponsoring any single above given event for an Individual is only $108.00 and for a Family (not exceeding more than 4 members) it is $151.00. But if you choose to sponsor all of the above given events for this month (Except Special Event), the flat rate sponsorship for an individual is $251.00/ entire month events and for a Family (not exceeding more than 4 members) it is $351.00. This Sponsorship does not include Special Events.

We have listed Sri Vasantha Panchami, Ratha Sapathami & Bheeshma Ekadashi day’s Events & Homa on February 15th, 17th & 21st respectively, as Special Programs in this month’s calendar. Please read the details given below.

Sponsorship Details for Each of the above given Events: Individual Sponsorship is for $108.00 & Family (not exceeding more than 4 members) sponsorship is for $151.00 Sponsorship for any one of the above given special events. If you would like to sponsor all of the three given events, please contact us.

We have also listed Special Program for Shani Trayodashi day on February 23rd 2013. Special sponsorship is $51.00 per person. No family or group options feasible for this exclusive event.

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February 6th, Wednesday: Sattila Ekadashi: This is extremely a special day to all the Vaishanavas . VYC is going to perform Special Laksha Tulasi Dala Pooja & Sri Maha Lakshmi Narayana Pooja and Homa. Sponsors will be blessed with Lord Sriman Narayana & Mahalakshmi Devi’ s blessings, which will render Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Moksha to all. This will be good & bring peace. Interested people may sign up for either individual or group sponsorship.

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February 8th, Friday: Masa Shiva Rathri: Masa Sivarathri: Maha Rudra Homa: VYC is performing Mahanyasa Purvaka Rudrabhishekam, Bilwarchana followed by Maha Rudra Homa to please the Universal Father and to attain his blessings for the welfare of all. All the sponsors will be blessed with Longitivity, Good health and Prosperity. Interested people may sign up for either individual or group sponsorship.

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February 9th, Saturday: Amavasya: Amavasya Pitru Tarpanam: Amavasya or the New moon is a special dedicated specially to pay respects to our respective ancestors. This is supposed to ward off all sins that one has accumulated over seven generations. This also relieves one from any past sins, curses of ancestors or forefathers. Hence offering Amavasya Tarpana removes all sins and helps in fulfilling all the desires. During Amavasya Tarpana, our priests pay homage to forefathers on your behalf. Interested people may sign up for either individual or group sponsorship.

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February 15th, Friday: Vasantha Panchami: Special Saraswati Pooja & Homa: VYC will be performing Special Saraswati Pooja & Homa. Vasantha Panchami is one of the most auspicious days of the Vydic Calendar. Vasant Panchami is celebrated on fifth day of Shukla Paksha. Goddess Saraswati who is the Mother of Wisdom and Music was born on this Special Day and hence this day is especially significant for all the students, lovers of art, music and education. Vasant Panchami is also considered as the beginning of life and the day of arrival of happiness. All the Sponsors of Saraswati Pooja & Homa will be blessed with Devi Saraswati ‘anugraha’ (benevolence) and thus will be in turn be blessed with proficiency in Arts, Music and Success in all academic and education related matters. Interested people may sign up for either individual or group sponsorship.

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February 17th, Sunday: Ratha Saptami: Sri Surya Namaskara Yagya and Aruna Homa: Ratha Saptami or Magha Saptami is a festival that is primarily celebrated for two main causes : 1. First one is that falls on the seventh day (Saptami) in the bright half (Shukla Paksha before the Full moon) of the Hindu month Magha masa. It marks the seventh day following the Sun’s northerly movement starting from constellation Capricorn (or Maker Rasa). Therefore, It is a day of symbolic representation that the Sun God is now turning his ‘Ratha’(Chariot) drawn by seven horses representing seven colors of white light, towards the north, in north-east direction. Ratha Saptami Day falling on the Sunday of the week, which is the favourite day of the Sun God makes it even more special.

2. Second reason being that it also the birth of Sun God and hence celebrated as Surya Ajanta (the Sun God’s birthday). Hence a special dish Called ‘Kheer’ that is cooked only with Fresh milk, Fresh Jaggery and Rice is offered to please Him without adding any dry fruits or other ingredients.

VYC will be performing two special events on this Day. One is Special Surya Namaskara Yagya and the other one is special Aruna Parayana & Aruna Homa. The combination of these together yields very powerful results to the person who prays. Sun God is the bestower of Good health and also wealth. Interested people may sign up for either individual or group sponsorship.

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February 21st, Thursday: Bheeshma Ekadashi: Sri Vishnu Sahastranama Homa: This is one of the very important Days of the Vydic calendar Year. This is day is very auspicious day for all the devotees of Sri Maha Vishnu. VYC will be performing Sri Vishnu Sahastranama Homa on this occasion. The performer of this event will gain for attaining Sri Maha Vishnu’s divine protection from all calamities, negative energies and karmas, and neutralizes such negative forces. Along with this participants will gain increase spiritual strength and eventually gain liberation (Moksha). Interested people may sign up for either individual or group sponsorship.

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February 23rd, Saturday: Shani Trayodashi: Shanideva Tila Tailabhishekam, Pooja, Archana : Vedic Yagya Center will be performing Shanideva Tila Tailabhishekam, Pooja, Archana on this auspicious day of Shani Pradosham. Sponsors for this will be blessed with Removal of any negative forces caused due to Shani Graha Dosha. This will bring about positive energy and is very much recommended for people who are in the ‘Sade Sathi’ (Seven & 1/2 years of Shani period) or in the Graha Transits related with Shani and is good for all. Interested people may sign up for either individual or group sponsorship.

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March 1st, Friday: Sankatahara Chaturthi: Sankatahara Chaturthi: Sahastra Modaka Homa: Sri Ganesha Sankatahara (Problems solved and obstacles removed) for those of you who are seeking solutions to their problems and removal of obstacles from their path of success should rejoice. VYC will be performing Special Ganapathi Sahastra (1008 count Modaka) Modaka Homa on this special day for Lord Ganesha to please him and attain His blessings by offering 1008 Modaka to him as Lord Ganapathi is very fond of Modakas. Participants will be blessed and benefited with Success in all their work, Removal of obstacles, for fulfilling their Desires and Prosperity in all walks of life. Interested people may sign up for either individual or group sponsorship.

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Group Sponsorship Discount: If you are interested in the group sponsorships for any one or all of the above, please contact Pundit Sharma Samavedula @512-633-7999 or
Yagya Package Available for $1/Day for Prosperity, Protection, Health and Longevity

shivaThe Vedic Yagya Center will be performing a very special Daily Rudrabhishekam Yagya on a monthly subscription for prosperity, protection and health improvement, and especially for longevity. These Yagyas will be performed in the USA and run for an entire month at a time.

Individuals and families may sign up. The sponsorship fee is $31.00 per person, per month. That is just $1.00/day per person!

Annual subscriptions are welcome. If you sign up for a whole year, you save almost 20%. The annual subscription is just $301.00.

Prasadams (some of the items used in the yagya) will be mailed to your address.

Note: This is different from the Daily Yagyas, which cost 10x as much. We want to offer a more affordable option to those who cannot afford the Daily Yagyas. These yagyas are designed to still provide some benefits but at a lower cost.

More details at – Special Daily Yagyas

If you have any questions or for further details, please contact Pundit Sharma Samavedula at 512-633-7999 or

Special Announcement
1. Daily Rudrabhishekam & Chandi Parayana: We have introduced a New Yagya program for all within the affordable price. This is a New Package is specially designed to fit and cover all your Daily Spiritual needs and Provide Divine Protection for every ones benefit. Individual sponsorship is $108.00/ Month and for a Family (not exceeding more than 4 members) is sponsorship $151.00.Please visit the below given link to know about the further details.

2. Daily Rudrabhishekam – Dollar – A Day Program:Special Customized Daily Rudrabhishekam for You benefit and/or your Family. Please visit the below given link to know about the further details.

astrological-gemsGenuine Astrological Gems are very much needed by all individuals as per Astrological charts to strengthen their respective weak planets and gain support for the Laws of nature along with the Yagyas & Prayers. It is a universally known fact that the Quality, Size, Clarity and Purity of the gem stone have direct effect its Power. Here, I am recommending a place where you can find some excellent quality gems with full confidence and faith in them and their seller. His Name is Jay Boyle and I have personally known him for over twelve years now. He is very Honest and Humble. He is also an expert in selecting the perfect matching and genuine quality gem for any kind of Astrological needs are available with him. He works with the Graha Stones to create more positive energy by providing such qualitative gems for the peoples benefit and he worries less about making money on them. Many have had sentimentally very good and positive experience when they bought gems from him.

Please find more information given below and mention my name (Pundit Sharma Samavedula) as a referral to gain additional discount on your purchases.

This one is a general article from the Weekly Reader in FF.
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