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Dear DevoteepanditStarting from April 2012 VYC has come up with this new feature of sharing some of the ideas and tips from the Vydic Shastras, Puranas and such other holy texts which would be useful for people seeking betterment in different areas such as health, wealth, prosperity. This is for your information only.July is the Month for Varalakshi Vratam and Guru Poornima. Pundit ji wishes everyone happy on the occasion of Guru Poornima. Vedic Yagya Center will be performing Special Poojas (the rituals such as Abhishekam – the holy bathing ceremonies to the Deities and Homas – the fire ceremonies. The schedule of various special Yagyas for May are below in the May Yagya calendar:Check out our blog! Posts from the blog will appear automatically on our Facebook page, so please “like” us to receive updates on Facebook.

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TIP of the Month – August 2012


Subject: Signs of good, auspicious and positive omen.

Did you know that the kind of things around you also have certain impact on you, your behavior and in your lives. That is why many mansions, palaces in olden days were always decorated in this fashion. For example:

Have a small brass or copper pot filled with water and drop in any one fresh flower and 5 fresh leaves (doesn’t matter any plant leaves will do). Now place this so called “Purna Kumbham” in the entry way of your business, organization or home. Make a point to look at it every time you pass by. This will help remove any evil eye and also brings in prosperity.

Varalakshmi Vratam and its Significance


Varalakshmi Vrata is one of the prominent and very important of Vydic festivals. Sri Varalakshmi Pooja performed primarily by all age groups. It is celebrated on the Friday preceding (that comes just before) Full Moon day in the month of ‘Sravana’ (around July-August) and therefore is also known popularly as ‘Sravana Sukravara Vrata’.

Varalakshmi Vrata Significance:

It is a festival to propitiate the Goddess Vara Lakshmi, the consort of Vishnu, as this is one of her special forms where in, She is in the form who grants desired boons (‘Varam’ or ‘Vara’ means boon). It is said that Goddess Vara Lakshmi will enter the house of any devotee who thinks of Her and worships Her on this auspicious day and blesses them. There are many festivals in the Vydic calendar year dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi.

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All Day events including all Yagyas, poojas sponsorship is: $108.00/ person or per Family (up to 4 people) and $207.00/ Business or Corporation.

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Chant of the Month – Atma or Nirvana Shatkam


Pundit ji suggests that devotees who recite this mantra every morning and evening after taking a bath.

Jagatguru Sri Adi Shankaracharya:

Jagatguru Sri Adi Shankara
(788 CE – 820 CE)was the first and foremost Guru in the world. He is the Greatest Saint, Philosopher. Adi Shankara ( also known as Śaṅkara Bhagavatpādācāryawas born in the Nambudri Brahmin family to Sri Sivaguru (Father) and Aryamba Mother from Kalady of the present day Kerala (South Indian State). He accepted “Sanyasa” (Celibacy) at the age of five and showed high intellectual thinking, remarkable scholarship, mastered all the four Vedasby the age of eight.

Adishankara Bhagawatpadacharya was and is still the greatest Guru and most renowned Indian Scholar philosopher. He has consolidated the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta. His teachings are based on the unity of the Atman and Brahman, non-dual Brahman. All of His works are in Sanskrit. His works are too numerous to mention. But some have been named here that include doctrines and philosophic teachings – Advaita (Nondualism). He also established the importance of monastic form of life as described in the Upanishads and Brahma Sutras. Shankara works show elaborate and highly profound ideas of Upanishads, commentaries on the Brahma Sutras, Bhagavad Gita and so on.

Adi Shankara travelled across India and many other parts of South Asia to propagate his philosophy through discourses and debates with other thinkers. He is reputed to have founded four Mathas (“monasteries”). They are Govardhana Pīha, Śārada Pīha, Dvāraka Pīha and Jyotirmaha Pīha.

During one such travel when He has was wandering in search of a True Guru, who has himself realized the truth and reached Self-realization himself. At that time, he came across Sri Govindapada. When Govindapada questioned Shankara, “Who are you?”. In response, Shankara, who was eight years old boy at that time, spontaneously composed and responded this six verses Nirvana Shatkam in reply. This is also known as Atma Shatkam as it describes the true nature of Atman (Soul). It was then that Sri Govindapada accepted Shankara as his Shishya (Desciple).

The Atma Shatkam also known as a sextet of Salvation is a song or poem of Self Realization written in six stanzas summarizing the basic teachings of Advaita Vedanta. The poem represents the speaker as none other than the Lord Shiva himself. The Nirvana Shatkam starts with the speaker who says that he is not body, mind, intellect, the five senses, Sense organs, the practices of life, the different parts of life such as birth and death. At last in the last verse it this poem concludes saying that the Holy Essence permeates through the universe, and that It is Consciousness, bliss and the soul, and by implication, the Atman and Brahman. One who knows himself, knows his Lord. This is a very high state of meditation on the true nature of self, which is not graspable by the mind alone or intellectualization of philosophies. May our self-realization be accepted and so be it.

July 2012 Yagya Calendar

Important Note: Please provide your mailing address if you choose to sponsor one or more of these below events for us to be able to say the correct sankalpa and also to be able to send your Prasadams to you promptly.

JULY 3RD, Tuesday: Guru Pournami: Special Yagyas & Special Guru Pooja, Archana: This full day being Guru Pournima, VYC will be performing doing a special Guru Pooja along with many special Yagyas on this special full moon day. They are – Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi& Rudra Yagya for attaining wealth, prosperity and success in all endeavors, financial matters and Protection for investments. Second one is Chandi Yagya. This will provide Divine Protection from negative forces and neutralizes negative energies. Other Yagyas include Navagraha Homa, Sudarshana and Mrityunjaya Homa. The combination of these Yagyas & homas together yields very powerful results to the person who prays. Interested people may sign up for either individual or group sponsorship.


JULY 4th, Monday:Pournami: Morning Program includes – Pournami: Maha Lakshmi Kubera Homa & Chandi Homa: VYC will be performing TWO special events on this special full moon day. One is Special Lakshmi Kuber Yagya for attaining wealth, prosperity and success in all endeavors, financial matters and Protection for investments. Second one is Chandi Yagya. This will provide Divine Protection from negative forces and neutralizes negative energies. The combination of these two together yields very powerful results to the person who prays. Interested people may sign up for either individual or group sponsorship.

JULY 7th, Saturday: Sankatahara Chaturthi: Sankatahara Chaturthi: Sahastra Modaka Homa: Sri Ganesha Sankatahara (Problems solved and obstacles removed) for those of you who are seeking solutions to their problems and removal of obstacles from their path of success should rejoice. VYC will be performing Special Ganapathi Sahastra (1008 count modakas) Modaka Homa, Durva Yugma Sweta Arka Pushparchna on this special day for Lord Ganesha to please him and attain His blessings by offering 1008 Modakas to him as Lord Ganapathi is very fond of Modakas. VYC is also doing Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi Japam, Ganapathy Tarpanam as a special bonus addition. Participants will be blessed and benefited with Success in all their work, Removal of obstacles, for fulfilling their Desires and Prosperity in all walks of life.

This Vrata/Fasting for the appeasement of the Lord Sri Ganesha. Sankatahara Chaturthi occurs during the fourth day of the Full Moon Day, Every Month. The Vratha starts before the sun-rise and lasts until moon-rise just before Mid-Night. This is observed in order to overcome difficulties and problems. People suffering from the bad Effects of Moon or Mars can perform this Vrata will be relieved from their difficulties. Interested people may sign up for either individual or group sponsorship.

JULY 11th, Wednesday: Budha Ashtami: Budha Graha Shanti Pooja, H Japam, Tarpanam & Homa: VYC will be performing Graha Shanti Pooja, H Japam, Tarpanam & Homa. This is will bestow the person especially for those who are Budha Graha related Planet in Natal Charts and who are in Budha Graha related Transits this is very much necessary. This will give very good effect from the Graha and also removes any negative energy. Interested people may sign up for either individual or group sponsorship.

JULY 16th, Monday: Karkataka Shankranthi: Dakshinayanam begins: Sri Surya Namaskara Homa, Souram and Aruna Parayana & Aruna Homa: As the Sun is entering in to the Karkataka rashi, VYC will be performing Sri Surya Namaskara Homa and Aruna Parayana & Aruna Homa. This is will bestow the person with good health, relief from all physical and mental problems, rejuvenates the life force and thus gives Longitivity. VYC is also specially doing Pitrudevata Pooja, Tila dana & Tarpanam as a special event for ancestral blessings on this day itself. Interested people may sign up for either individual or group sponsorship.

JULY 17th, Tuesday: Masa Sivarathri: Pradosham: VYC will be performing Mahanyasa Poorvaka Ekadasha Rudrabhishekam, Bilwarchana & Rudra Homa. On this day, a special elaborate Rudrabhishekam (eleven Rudra will be performed with Rudram chanting) and Archana will be performed to the Sacred Shiva Lingam (also Known as ‘Pindi’) for His blessings followed by the sacred ritual of Rudra Homam. Participants for Pradosham will be blessed and benefited with good health, prosperity, eradication of poverty and all their desires will be fulfilled. Interested people may sign up for either individual or group sponsorship.

JULY 22nd, Sunday: Durva Ganapathy Pooja, Vratam & Tarpanam:

VYC is doing this once in a year Special event. Participants for this event will attain special blessing of Lord Ganesha and thus all the obstacles from their path will be removed and they will be blessed with Peace, Prosperity and Success in all their endeavors.

JULY 23rd, Monday: Naga Pooja: Naga Pooja, Sarpa Sookta Pancha amrutha Abhishekam & Homa:


People who do this Naga Pooja, Sarpa Sookta Panchaamrutha Abhishekam & Homa will be relieved from any expected dangers from snakes, snake or insect dangerous bites and other such calamities as foreseen in their charts. It is also advisable and safe for all to do this as a safety precaution. Interested people may sign up for either individual or group sponsorship.

JULY 25th, Wednesday: Samaveda Upakarma day.


JULY 27th, Friday: Vara Lakshmi Vratam: Sravana Shukravara Vara Lakshmi Vratam: Special Vara Lakshmi Program & Yagya:

VYC will be performing an extremely beneficial and effective ‘Vara Lakshmi Vratha Pooja & Maha Lakshmi Ashtottara Homa with 1008 red roses’. This is followed by Maha Lakshmi Special Homa with 1008 Lotus flowers, which is so special to Her and pleases Her the most. Goddess Vara Lakshmi bestows with Success in all financial matters, prospective business deals, growth in the investments, happiness and prosperity. This Vara Lakshmi Vratha Pooja & Homam is especially good and is recommended for Businesses and also for the individual or family prosperity. Interested people may sign up for either individual or group sponsorship.

Sponsorship information: Sponsorship for the above given Homas/Yagyas or events: For sponsoring any single above given event for an Individual is only $108.00 and for a Family (not exceeding more than 4 members) it is $151.00. But if you choose to sponsor all of the above given events for this month (Except Vasantha Navarathri Special Event), the flat rate sponsorship for an individual is $251.00/ entire month events and for a Family (not exceeding more than 4 members) it is $351.00.

Group Sponsorship Discount: If you are interested in the group or individual sponsorship for any one or all of the above please contact Pundit Sharma Samavedula @512-633-7999 or

Yagya Package Available for $1/Day for Prosperity, Protection, Health and Longevity

shivaThe Vedic Yagya Center will be performing a very special Daily Rudrabhishekam Yagya on a monthly subscription for prosperity, protection and health improvement, and especially for longevity. These Yagyas will be performed in the USA and run for an entire month at a time.

Individuals and families may sign up. The sponsorship fee is $31.00 per person, per month. That is just $1.00/day per person!

Annual subscriptions are welcome. If you sign up for a whole year, you save almost 20%. The annual subscription is just $301.00.

Prasadams (some of the items used in the yagya) will be mailed to your address.

Note: This is different from the Daily Yagyas, which cost 10x as much. We want to offer a more affordable option to those who cannot afford the Daily Yagyas. These yagyas are designed to still provide some benefits but at a lower cost.

More details at – Special Daily Yagyas

If you have any questions or for further details, please contact Pundit Sharma Samavedula at 512-633-7999 or

Please Help the Vedic Students

brochure_coverAccording to the Vedic philosophy of Karma (action), whatever good or bad karma we do, will yield a similar result in our present life and future births to come.

Any good, prosperity or adverse things we come across in our life is the result of our own past actions or karma.

Therefore, please Sponsor a Vedic student and invest for your future karma. By sponsoring a student, you help one individual to learn and live well, and you also help preserve the most revered and upheld “Vedas.”

According to the most famous Sanskrit saying “Vedo Rakshati Rakshitah,” one who helps save Vedas, will be saved too (from calamities).

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astrological-gemsGenuine Astrological Gems are very much needed by all individuals as per Astrological charts to strengthen their respective weak planets and gain support for the Laws of nature along with the Yagyas & Prayers. It is a universally known fact that the Quality, Size, Clarity and Purity of the gem stone have direct effect its Power. Here, I am recommending a place where you can find some excellent quality gems with full confidence and faith in them and their seller. His Name is Jay Boyle and I have personally known him for over twelve years now. He is very Honest and Humble. He is also an expert in selecting the perfect matching and genuine quality gem for any kind of Astrological needs are available with him. He works with the Graha Stones to create more positive energy by providing such qualitative gems for the peoples benefit and he worries less about making money on them. Many have had sentimentally very good and positive experience when they bought gems from him.

Please find more information given below and mention my name (Pundit Sharma Samavedula) as a referral to gain additional discount on your purchases.

This one is a general article from the Weekly Reader in FF.
This one has more knowledge in it about Jyotish gemstones; it’s from the Mountain Astrologer.


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