Vedic Yagya Newsletter October 2010

Dear Pandit Sharma Samavedula,
October brings the Nine Days of Mother Divine celebration, which starts on the 8th. Please consider sponsoring this important event! We have a photo-filled report on the special Ganesh yagyas held in September that included a yacht trip. See below for more information. The Vedic calendar for October will be sent to you soon.Check out our blog! Posts from the blog will appear automatically on our Facebook page, so please “like” us to receive updates on Facebook.You can contact us in the U.S. at 1-888-835-7788 or email Visit our website. See our brochure.
Nine Days of Mother Divine Oct 8-17

mother-divine-lionAt the Vedic Yagya Center, we celebrate the Nine Days of Mother Divine (Saran Navaratri) in the autumn for prosperity, salvation, good karma, relief from worldly problems, Divine protection, longevity and good health.

We have 4 different sponsorship levels. Please review your options and sign up before October 7th.

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Ganesha Navarathri Celebrations &Nimajjan Special Yatra Report With Photos

In September, yantra-sept-2010Vedic Yagya Center successfully celebrated this grand event of Ganesha Navarathri under the experienced, able guidance and supervision of Vedic Scholar, Pundit Chandrashekhara Samavedula. This celebrated event was had tremendous response and with good local support.

THANK YOU to all the sponsors!

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Rashi Predictions for the Month of October
By the Vedic Yagya Center Astrologer Samavedula Prashant Rao The Sun in Kanya (Virgo), moves to Tula (Libra) on 17th. Mars in Tula (Libra), moves to Vrishchick (Scorpio) on 19th. Mercury in Kanya (Virgo), moves to Tula (Libra) on 19th. Jupiter in Meena (Pisces), Venus in Tula (Libra) retrograde from 8th. Saturn in Kanya (Virgo), Rahu in Dhanu (Sagittarius) and Ketu in Mithuna (Gemini) respectively.
Gochara effect for Lagna Rashis:

Mesha (Aries) :

General: You will feel very energetic . Your creativity will be enhanced. Hard work and a dedicated approach will bring the desired success. However you need to keep tight control of emotions and luxurious habits. Try to fulfill your domestic commitments despite the hectic schedule. Before doing anything under sensual pleasures, listen to the voice of your heart. Excess intake of alcohol may cause damage to your reputation. Chances of confrontation with clashes of egos on the marital front may cause concern. Try to solve the domestic issues peacefully. Competitors may cause damage to your reputation.

Health: Chronic patients need to take all possible care to prevent aggravation of ailments. Persons having complaints of Hypertension should take all possible care.

Finance: You need to control excess expenditure during the first half of the month. Proper planning is required while investing in new ventures. The second half will yield adequate financial benefits and funds will be adequate to meet the excess of expenditure.

Profession: On the professional front creative skills will be very helpful. Businessmen will get new opportunities during the second half of the month conditions as business will improve. Those in service will get the outcome of their hard work. Professionals perform well. They may get due recognition of their hard work.

Remedial Measures: Mangal Shanti Pooja is recommended. Donation to people in need during Navarathri would be very beneficial.

Vrishabh (Taurus) :

General: This will be a favorable period to be provocative and take steps to acquire new skills. Make sure to avoid running after fanatics and try to become more realistic. Control your excitement. Your creative talents will be helpful to find out timely solutions. On the work front you will be achieving the goals during the second half of the month. Despite hectic schedules try to keep a balance between profession and domestic matters.

Health: Take care of your health matters practically through out the month. You may be prone to gastrointestinal complaints. Chronic patients should take all possible care to prevent aggravation of their ailments.

Finance: Financial worries may plague you throughout. Expenditure increases while sources of income would be limited. Speculative transactions may be helpful to you to the certain extent.


Profession: Business conditions will improve by the beginning of the second half of the month. Service holders can achieve their targets with hard work and dedication. Professionals will get the expected results with the help of some senior persons during the second half.

Remedial Measures: Recite Sri Lalitha Sahastranamam during the Navarathri under the guidance of Pundit.

Mithuna (Gemini) :

General: Prepare yourself to keep pace with fast changing events. Due to the planetary influences you may feel somewhat lethargic. You need proper planning to accomplish your pending tasks. You may find it difficult to concentrate on the work. Try to utilize every moment in order to prevent delay. Try to avoid raising any controversial matters in public or at work place. Be aware of enemies. Try to solve domestic matters peacefully.

Health: You need to pay special attention as far as health matters are concerned. Chronic sufferers having aliments of the liver are advised to take all possible care.

Finance: Expenditure will be very high but you will have adequate income to meet the excess of expenditure. A well-planned budget will save you from financial burdens. Speculation will not be very helpful.

Profession: Businessmen should strive hard to improve business prospects at a rapid pace. Professionals need to maintain good public relations. Service persons may feel stress due to non cooperation subordinates.

Remedial Measures: Propitiate Deities Lakshmi–Narayana. Social service at a retirement home or to senior citizens is recommended.

Karka (Cancer) :

General: This will be a progressive month for you. Your passion for learning new skills will make you very creative. During this month you can expect to gain wealth, comforts, new acquaintances and happiness. If you are planning for pleasure trips, the first half of the month would be very favorable. Sharing pleasure with relatives and friends, and enjoying company of family members, gives you relaxation. Property dealings may give you fabulous results. If you are planning for the renovation of your house, proceed without any further delay.

Health: The first half on the month will be ailment free. However you need to remain careful during second half throughout. Cardiac patients should take all prophylactic measures. Gastrointestinal upsets may be triggered off. Pay special attention to your diet to keep yourself fit.

Finance: The period is satisfactory for finances. This is the time to acquire luxurious articles even with the increase in expenses. Speculative transactions may not yield much benefit.

This month is rewarding as far as professional matters are concerned, especially for those who are in the fields of art and creativity. Contacts with influential persons or those in authority will be helpful. Businessmen will get better opportunities to expand their work. Professionals are advised to use their valuable energy in achieving what they wish to see in physical reality.

Remedial Measures:
Propitiate Goddess Lakshmi. “Annadanam” (Food Donation) is recommended during Navarathri.

Simha (Leo):

General: In a month of mixed transitory influences you will achieve success in your work only after repeated endeavors. There may be a little domestic unhappiness; therefore you should balance tactfully between family and professional responsibilities. The second half may not be favorable for mother’s health. Also avoid strained relationship with the spouse. Try to focus on work not on money. This attitude will give you long term benefits.

Health: General health will be good. However excess of mental pressure has to be avoided. Sound sleep is necessary.

The month is good for as far as finances are concerned. Flow of money will be adequate practically throughout the month. You may invest funds for expansion of business. Speculation may yield moderate benefits up to the first week only. Speculation in the second half is not recommended.

Perseverance is the key to achieve desired results at work. The conditions will improve at the work place but the schedule will become hectic. Businessmen will be in position to expand their business. They should give monetary benefits to retain their talented staff. Service holders need to do the hard work. Professionals should focus more on public relations and qualitative work.

Remedial Measures: “Shani” Shanti Pooja is recommended during the Period of Navarathri. Reciting “Durgasapthshathi Path” is recommended, and eliminate evil influences.

Kanya (Virgo)

General: You will have to be good navigator to enable yourself to tackle the pressure of work. Any carelessness may lead to damage to your reputation. You also need to take some relaxation measures to overcome stress. Time is not favorable for the property matters. Therefore you are advised not to make any important dealings without investigation. It is a time to be patient and to persevere. The second half of the month would give you some relaxation. Devotion to the God is the best solution to your problems.

Health: You should guard against illness specially skin infection and respiratory complaints. Chronic patients with nervous system complaints need to take all preventive measures.

Finance: The month may not be favorable for financial matters. Pressure from creditors may cause some concern. Arguments with business friends on money matters are possible. Speculative transactions may not yield any benefit.

Profession: This month may not be satisfactory as far as profession is concerned. Month will be very tiring for professionals and service holders. Businessmen will have to strive hard to achieve success.

Remedial Measures: “Shani” Shanti Pooja will be very beneficial. Perform Devi Upasana during the Navarathri to avoid troubles.

Tula ( Libra) :

General: This will be a month of mixed transitory influence. The first half of the month you will feel energetic and confident. Your energetic nature allows you to complete works taken up successfully. Do not indulge in luxurious habits. Projects under your guidance and leadership will be completed within deadline. However, be careful to avoid an egotistical attitude; it will harm your reputation. Lack of domestic happiness may upset you. Instead of arguing try to solve problems peacefully. Keep strict control of your tongue.

Health: This month may not be favorable for health matters. You may be prone to fevers, infections, and gastrointestinal upsets . Dental problems and minor eye ailments may cause concern. Chronic sufferers of hypertension should take all possible care.

Finance: Excess expenditure will consume your hard earned income. However, the second half will give you some relief as you are going to make some gains. Speculation may not yield any benefit.

Profession: On the professional front, time is more or less challenging. You need to work hard to achieve the targets. Businessmen and professionals will get the success after repeated endeavors. Service holders will be required to perform at their best regardless of adverse circumstances. You are advised to avoid tensions and arguments in the work place.

Remedial Measures: Propitiate lord Vishnu for general prosperity. ‘Annadanam’ (Food Donation) during the period of Navarathri would be very beneficial.

Scorpio (Vrishchik) :

General: This month may be somewhat hectic for you . Brace yourself to face new and unexpected challenges. Be tough minded. You need rest and recreation due to hard work but don’t be inclined towards a lustful life. This will not reduce your stress. Avoid anxiety and confusion at any cost. Despite obstacles and dejection of mind try to discharge your duties with the utmost sincerity. You will definitely get success. Try to maintain peace and harmony in the family life. Trust only your spouse; do not allow other people to interfere in your life.

Health: The period is more or less favorable for health matters. There could be only chances of minor health trouble. Chronic sufferers could look forward to some relief.

Your purse may become empty before you realize it. Do not undertake purchases beyond your means, especially the items related to luxury. Better not to use credit facilities in any form. Don’t be influenced by people who offer you lucrative financial schemes. Go for the expenditure which is extremely necessary. Speculation will not yield benefits.

Due to adverse transitory influences, disturbances in your undertakings may affect your working efficiency. Do not let it happen. Work with proper planning and try to unburden yourself of big responsibilities. Businessmen are likely to face ups and downs. They need to focus on quality rather quantity.

Remedial Measures: Propitiate Lord Ganapati before starting any work.


Dhanu (Sagittarius) :

General: This will be a prosperous month. With the beginning of second half of the month your hard work will get due recognition. You will be respected socially. Try to keep a harmonious atmosphere on the domestic front. However you need to control your excitement and keep many of the positive developments confidential .

Health: General health will be OK. Chronic patients will get relaxation by the beginning of the second half of the month.

Finance: Month may be very satisfactory for financial matters. With the beginning of the second half you will have adequate funds to meet the excess of expenditure. You may obtain income from the more than one source. Speculative transactions in selected ventures may yield average benefit .

Profession: Though the month may be full of obstacles and challenges, service holders will get due recognition by the beginning of second half. They will have to wait for promotion. In the second half businessmen will get success in entering new ventures. Professionals will see a satisfactory second half.

Remedial Measures: Propitiate Lord Venkateswara with devotion.

Makar (Capricorn):

General: At work you are likely to discover that your creative skills and expertise are much more in demand. Setting the priorities right enables you to conquer the distressing situations on the family front. Your well- wishers may guard you while your enemies will try to harm your reputation. Your inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm will keep you in a cheerful state. Don’t bother about petty issues and insults. Try to remain firm.

Health: General health will be OK. However chronic patients need to take care during the month, especially those who have complaints pertaining to digestive system.

Finance: Financial prospects are positive during the month. Try to control every item of expenditure. You may gain moderately from speculative activities. Expenditure concerned with land and property would be beneficial.
Professionally this will be a progressive month. Servicemen will get the advantage of past performance. Despite the troubles businessmen will get success in their endeavors. Service persons will be benefited by those who are in higher position.

Remedial Measures:
Surrender your problems to Goddess Saraswati and perform Upasana during Navarathri.

Kumbha (Aquaris) :

General: Throw fear out of your life because what is momentary or prone to slip out of your hold does not deserve to be retained. Therefore you should take the courageous steps in your life. Control of your temper is also advised as it may reflect in your speech while interacting with people in the work place. You should avoid confusions and indifference in the work place.

Health: Health complaints are likely to worry you especially during the second half of the month. Those suffering from chronic diseases pertaining to hypertension and other circulatory system disorders should be extra careful.

Finance: There is likely to be cut in regular income while expenditure will shoot up. Losses may be incurred in certain enterprises. Moderate income through speculation is indicated.

Profession: This is a mixed month for professional matters. Service holders need to become workaholic to achieve their targets. Professionals have to put many efforts in their routine work. However the circumstances become favorable by the beginning of second half and success is indicated. Businessmen will get success by beginning of second half due to a positive approach and communication.

Remedial Measures:
Devi upasana during Navarathri will make your problems vanish like mist.

Meena (Pisces)

General: In a month of mixed transitory influences the first half of the month will be marked with some setbacks. You may have to face problems in family or social life. Obstacles in your projects and undertakings are also possible. You need to be mentally very strong. Keep your spirits high. You will get success in your undertakings .You also need some lifestyle changes to make a restful night. However try to avoid too much confusion and frustration. Accept the help of logical power. Favor the company of those people who can guide and motivate you in a positive way. You need to plan well and work hard to achieve the goal.

Health and vitality are likely to be affected. Chronic sufferers should remain extremely careful. You may be susceptible to fevers, fatigue and nervousness. Do not take alcohol.

Income will balance expenditure. Try to avoid expenditure on all unnecessary items. Investment on fixed assets is not recommended. Speculative transactions may not be helpful to you.

Profession: This may be a tiring month as far as professional matters are concerned. Better you accept the help of smart and motivated people. Service holders will find the month hectic and face obstacles even in routine work. Businessmen need to work hard for customer satisfaction rather to be money-minded.

Remedial Measures:
Propitiate Lord Dattatreya. Serve to Guru with devotion. Maha Mrityunjaya Japa is recommended for good health.

deepavali-2010October Yagya Calendar

mother-divine-oct-2010The October yagya calender will be emailed to you soon.
Meanwhile, please consider sponsoring the Nine Days of Mother Divine, which start on October 8th.

Please Help the Vedic Students

brochure_coverAccording to the Vedic philosophy of Karma (action), whatever good or bad karma we do, will yield a similar result in our present life and future births to come.

Any good, prosperity or adverse things we come across in our life is the result of our own past actions or karma.

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