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Dear DevoteepanditOctober is the Month for Sharan Navaratri or Devi Navaratri . Pundit ji wishes everyone on the occasion of Sharan Navaratri. Vedic Yagya Center will be performing Special Poojas (the rituals such as Abhishekam – the holy bathing ceremonies to the Deities and Homas – the fire ceremonies. The schedule of various special Yagyas for this month are below in the October Yagya calendar and Sharan Navaratri Flyer:Sharan Navaraatri 2012 Flyer
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TIP of the Month – October 2012

Subject: Important facts about Sri Yantra



  1. Sri Yantra Pooja is a very Sacred, Powerful and definite result yielding one. But the results are strictly based on how well one adheres to the rules.
  2. Sri Yantra (or any other Yantras for that matter) or pictures should never be placed directly on the ground/floor.
  3. Should not worn on the body as an ornament like a pendant or ear rings etc (excepting only for Divine Mother).
  4. Sri Yantra should not be purchased from anywhere and everywhere as the drawings of the lines, circles, dots and other symbols & “Mantra Bheejas” may not be properly depicted. This may do more harm than good if done so.
  5. Those who choose to pray to Sri Yantra in their “homes” cannot consume/serve non-vegetarian food, not consume alcohol and lie to any one or even use fowl language.
  6. Sri Yantra must be always placed in the sanctified room of your homes/offices and should not be carried with you during travel at all times. Sri Yantras also must not be moved from their designated place once the “Yantra Prathista” has been done.
  7. Sri Yantra must be daily offered proper prayers with all due formalities preferably both in the morning & evening times.
  8. Sri Yantra should not be touched or seen by ladies only when they are in their menses.
  9. Please be careful when gifting Sri Yantra. Because if the receiver does not take its proper care or respect it, the giver incurs all the sins and bad luck.



Article of the Month – Spiritual significance of Navaratri – with reference to the three forms of Divine Mother as Durga Lakshmi & Saraswati


The word Navarathri originates from Sanskrit (World’s most ancient & oldest living language) where Ratri means “Night” and Nava means “Nine”. Sharad Navarathri is considered very Sacred, auspicious when all the Divine forces are at their highest level of percipience. During the Navaratri time, the Divine Mother Goddess is worshipped in Her various forms as Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Though the Goddess is one, She is represented and worshipped in three different essential aspects. On the first three nights of the festival, Durga is worshipped. On the following three nights, Divine Mother is worshipped as Lakshmi and then as Saraswati Devi on the last three nights. The following tenth day is called Vijayadasami. Vijaya means “Victory”, the victory of good over evil, victory of our soul over our own minds& external senses that can be controlled in the right direction only when we have attained strength to control them well through the worship of the Mother Divine in the forms of: Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati.


Chant of the Month – Sri Lalita Sahasranaamam

Pundit ji suggests

that devotees who recite this mantra every morning or evening after taking a bath.


There are many special benefits of chanting Lalitha Sahasra namam.

Through the regular chanting of Sree Lalitha Sahasra namam, the atmosphere will be purified. Each nerve in our body will be invigorated and subtle energies will be awakened in the person.

Sree Lalitha Devi will protect a person who regularly chants Sree Lalitha Sahasra namam from accidents and from the attacks of enemy and will make him victorious in all his good deeds.

Regular chanting of Sree Lalitha Sahasra namam will make a person blessed with word power, fame, good will etc. Particular importance should be given to chant Sree Lalitha Sahasra namam on Friday’s which is very auspicious for the blessing of Devi.

It is advisable to Keep offering Kumkum (red colored Vermillion) at Divine mother’ s feet or on the Sri chakra Yantra as you recite each name of the Divine Mother. You may also offer flowers, Akshitas too.

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October 2012 Yagya Calendar

Important Note: Please provide your mailing address if you choose to sponsor one or more of these below events for us to be able to say the correct sankalpa and also to be able to send your Prasadams to you promptly.



Jai Ma!

Important note

Please provide your mailing address if you choose to sponsor one or more of these below give events for us to be able to say the correct sankalpa and also to be able to send your Prasadam to you promptly.

Sponsorship information: Sponsorship for the below given Homas/Yagyas or events: For sponsoring any single above given event for an Individual is only $108.00 and for a Family (not exceeding more than 4 members) it is $151.00. But if you choose to sponsor all of the above given events for this month (Except Vasantha Navarathri Special Event), the flat rate sponsorship for an individual is $251.00/ entire month events and for a Family (not exceeding more than 4 members) it is $351.00.

We have 2 Special Events in this month’s calendar. Please read carefully.

OCTOBER 14th, SUNDAY: Mahalaya Amavasya: Last day of Mahalaya Paksha (Pitru Paksha):

Ancestral Yagyas 2012 Flyer
Ancestral Yagya Sponsorship form

OCTOBER 15th, MONDAY to OCTOBER 23rd TUESDAY:Saran Navarathri or Nine days of Divine Mother period begins: VYC Special Programs & Yagyas: VYC is celebrating this most Auspicious, Festive and Sacred Sharan Navarathri in a very unique. VYC is performing many Special Yagyas & Homas including Ganapathy Homa, Super special Lakshmi Homa with 5008 Red Lotuses/Roses, Gow (Cow) Pooja, Continuous Chandi Parayana, Sri Vidya Pooja, Sahastra Linga Archana, Kumari Pooja & Surya Namaskara Pooja. These are done every day during the Nine Divine nights for Longitivity, Health, Wealth, Prosperity, and Divine energy and Blessings. This is the most opportune times to any new beginning. Other than this VYC is Specially doing an extraordinary Powerful Homa on each day during the 1st nine days such as – Sri Durga Mahamantra Pooja, Lalita Sahasranama Parayana Gayatri Mantra Homa, Annapurna Homa, Annasuktha Homa, Swarnakarshana Bhairava Mantra Homa, Maha Kali Mantra Homa, Saraswati Mantra, Sukta Homa, Rajamathangeswari Homa, Bhagalamukhi Homa, Prathyangira Homa. For learning more about our detailed special Program for Dusshera and also about our Special offers please go to our web site. o learn more about our details about the Saran Navarathri, Please visit –

Navaratri 2012 schedule navaratri2012schedule


1. Level 1 Package: Donation Amount $2701.00 –
These Sponsors will be blessed with an excellent & benevolent chance of participating in Daily Nitya Pooja for all the 9 days, Laksha Kumkuma Archana, Sahastranama Archana, Navavarana Archana, All the Homas and the Special Homas done on the last day, that is the special Homas being done on the Vijaya Dashami day.

2. Level 2 Package: Donation Amount $501.00 –
These Sponsors will be blessed with the greatest chance of participating in Daily Nitya Pooja for all the 9 days, Laksha Kumkuma Archana, Sahastranama Archana, Navavarana Archana, All the Homas of the 9 Days (Except the Special Lakshmi Homas all nine Days)

3. Level 3 Package: Donation Amount $301.00 –
These Sponsors will be blessed with the great chance of participating in Daily Nitya Pooja for all the 9 days, Laksha Kumkuma Archana and Sahastranama Archana.

4. Level 4 Package: Donation Amount $108.00 –
These Sponsors will be blessed with the great chance of being able to participate in only any one event they choose of any one day during the Sacred Navarathri Celebration event time.

Group Sponsorship Discount: If you are interested in the group sponsorships for any one or all of the above, please contact Pundit Sharma Samavedula @512-633-7999 or

OCTOBER 24th, WEDNESDAY: Pasankusha Ekadashi:Pradosham: namam1 : VYC Gow Pooja, Lakshmi Narayana Pooja & Homa & Sudarshana Homa: performing Gow Pooja, Lakshmi Narayana Pooja & Homa & Sudarshana Homa is supposed to ward off all sins that one has accumulated over seven births. This also destroys all enemies and helps in fulfilling all the desires. Interested people may sign up for either individual or group sponsorship.

Sponsor this event now.

October 26th, Friday: Pradosham: sivalingam-small : VYC will be perfo rming Mahanyasa Poorvaka Ekadasha Rudrabhishekam. On this day, a special elaborate Rudrabhishekam (eleven Rudra will be performed with Rudram chanting) and Archana will be performed to the Sacred Shiva Lingam (also Known as ‘Pindi’) for His blessings followed by the sacred ritual of Rudra Homam. Participants for Pradosham will be blessed and benefited with good health, prosperity, eradication of poverty and all their desires will be fulfilled. Interested people may sign up for either individual or group sponsorship.

OCTOBER 29th, MONDAY: Sharad Pournami: Sri Maha Lakshmi Kubera Homa & Chandi Homa: VYC will be performing TWO special events on this special full moon day. One is Special Lakshmi Kubera Yagya for attaining wealth, prosperity and success in all endeavors, financial matters and Protection for investments. Second one is Chandi Yagya. This will provide Divine Protection from negative forces and neutralizes negative energies. The combination of these two together yields very powerful results to the person who prays. Interested people may sign up for either individual or group sponsorship.

Group Sponsorship Discount: If you are interested in the group or individual sponsorship for any one or all of the above please contact Pundit Sharma Samavedula @512-633-7999 or

Yagya Package Available for $1/Day for Prosperity, Protection, Health and Longevity

shivaThe Vedic Yagya Center will be performing a very special Daily Rudrabhishekam Yagya on a monthly subscription for prosperity, protection and health improvement, and especially for longevity. These Yagyas will be performed in the USA and run for an entire month at a time.

Individuals and families may sign up. The sponsorship fee is $31.00 per person, per month. That is just $1.00/day per person!

Annual subscriptions are welcome. If you sign up for a whole year, you save almost 20%. The annual subscription is just $301.00.

Prasadams (some of the items used in the yagya) will be mailed to your address.

Note: This is different from the Daily Yagyas, which cost 10x as much. We want to offer a more affordable option to those who cannot afford the Daily Yagyas. These yagyas are designed to still provide some benefits but at a lower cost.

More details at – Special Daily Yagyas

If you have any questions or for further details, please contact Pundit Sharma Samavedula at 512-633-7999 or


Please Help the Vedic Students

brochure_coverAccording to the Vedic philosophy of Karma (action), whatever good or bad karma we do, will yield a similar result in our present life and future births to come.

Any good, prosperity or adverse things we come across in our life is the result of our own past actions or karma.

Therefore, please Sponsor a Vedic student and invest for your future karma. By sponsoring a student, you help one individual to learn and live well, and you also help preserve the most revered and upheld “Vedas.”

According to the most famous Sanskrit saying “Vedo Rakshati Rakshitah,” one who helps save Vedas, will be saved too (from calamities).

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astrological-gemsGenuine Astrological Gems are very much needed by all individuals as per Astrological charts to strengthen their respective weak planets and gain support for the Laws of nature along with the Yagyas & Prayers. It is a universally known fact that the Quality, Size, Clarity and Purity of the gem stone have direct effect its Power. Here, I am recommending a place where you can find some excellent quality gems with full confidence and faith in them and their seller. His Name is Jay Boyle and I have personally known him for over twelve years now. He is very Honest and Humble. He is also an expert in selecting the perfect matching and genuine quality gem for any kind of Astrological needs are available with him. He works with the Graha Stones to create more positive energy by providing such qualitative gems for the peoples benefit and he worries less about making money on them. Many have had sentimentally very good and positive experience when they bought gems from him.

Please find more information given below and mention my name (Pundit Sharma Samavedula) as a referral to gain additional discount on your purchases.

This one is a general article from the Weekly Reader in FF.
This one has more knowledge in it about Jyotish gemstones; it’s from the Mountain Astrologer.


As the name say is a great place to seek answers to many questions for your spiritual journey. It’s a wonderful chance for you to get the taste the flavor of variety of books, but this place is not just limited to books but also provides variety of other things such as Integrative/Holistic practitioners ( MDs, Acupuncturists, Healers) available for consult at the location in El Monte, California.

We are also offering Spiritual and Astrological consultation provided our Expert Guide in these matters Pundit CS Sharmaji. Strictly by prior appointment only. These sessions are held on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

We invite you to take full advantage of the whole spectrum of services available.
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